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How to shave your face

How to shave your face

How to shave your face, simple. Follow these steps to ensure the perfect shave, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Step one – Take a hot shower, not too much to ask it? People shower every day, most of us shower twice a day. So just time your shave right. Having a hot shower before shaving opens up the pores and starts to soften the facial hair making shaving a hell of a lot easier

Step two – Lather your face, simple… Use Henry Arthur shaving bowl, brush and soap.  No honestly use it, that’s what we designed it for. By using our brush you’re lifting the hairs off the face, this makes the hair easier to shave clean. Henry Arthur soap is all natural and actually good for you skin, moisturises as you shave. NO CHEMICALS

Step three – Choose carefully, when picking your razor it has to be sharp. Shaving with a sharp blade is almost as important as using our soap and brush, use a blunt razor and you may as well just give up and succumb to ingrown hairs and shaving rash. Disposable razors (bad for the environment) only have a few shaves in them, make sure your swapping them out for sharp blades TIP: If you think the blade is getting a little blunt it’s already too late, bin it.

Step four – Stay tuned to our website, exciting shaver news coming soon which will be better for the environment 

Step five – Shave, we have all been told SHAVE WITH THE GRAIN.. So shave with the grain, the temptation may be to quickly go against the grain (saving you a total of half a second in the morning).  Shaving against the grain is a sure fire way for ingrown hairs, it couldn’t be simpler to give yourself an ingrown hair. Leave the neck till last, it’s the most sensitive so it needs the most time for the soap to soak in and for those pores to open up.

Step six – Rinse your face, sounds simple and we shouldn’t have to explain it. Well actually…. Rinse with cold water, yep as cold a water as your tap can provide. Cold water might not be as comfortable as a nice warm rinse, but it’s a must. Cold water will close the pores back down, I wont say it again but you know what it prevents. Continue reading