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Our Difference

The HenryArthur Difference

Why shave with a brush

There is no better way to prep your face than with a shave brush, the brush itself stimulates the hair so your shave soap can penetrate and soften it. By using normal chemical based products from the supermarket, you’re actually pressing the hair down flat. Patting the hair flat to your face will make shaving unnecessarily hard, causing embarrassing ingrown hairs and pimples across your face.

Henry Arthur has designed it’s brush with this in mind, by rubbing your soap loaded brush around your face you’re in fact lifting the hair ready to be shaved. The brush cleans dirt and dust and will remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation prevents breakouts, counteracts ageing and gives the skin a smoother feel and appearance. Our shave brush will bring extra moisture to the foam, thickening the lather and making the process of shaving so much simpler. We can’t believe we’ve had it so wrong for so long, considering our forefathers had it so right!

Why shave with our soap

Our soaps are made from all natural products, no chemicals.  Our ingredients are farmed and manufactured organically, so we do less damage to our environment.  We say no to palm oil and plastic. Chemicals and artificial colours in skin care products can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. Many people are allergic to chemicals commonly found in chemically produced supermarket products, you might even be allergic and have just put up with it. Henry Arthur shave soap works with your skin instead of against it. Our natural soaps will leave your skin feeling like it’s never felt before, eliminating irritation leaving your skin glowing.

The Bowl and Brush

We have designed and hand crafted all our bowls right here in Australia using Tasmanian Oak, each bowl and brush has been hand turned for you and will bare their own individual characteristics and scars. The bowl design fits effortlessly in your hand for lathering and deep enough for the perfect amount of lather. Our animal friendly brush has been crafted with a perfectly weighted handle, providing easy lathering. We are pushing for sustainability where we can, ZERO plastic has been used with this reusable and waste reducing bowl. Tasmanian Oak, with its intriguing colour and vivid grain, is turned and sealed to protect the brush against water ensuring a long lasting and luxurious lustre.