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Our Story

For as long as we could remember shaving was always a chore for us, time consuming and not an overly interesting ritual to do first thing in the morning.  Shaving rash and ingrown hairs the norm and due to working corporate this was a constant problem for our faces. We had to find a better way, something more interesting, more fun, we had to find something better for our skin. There lay the problem, there was nothing better for the skin.  Once researching the ingredients of regular off-the-shelf mass produced shaving creams it all made sense, it was cheap chemicals in a can. We found one of the most common ingredients which makes their cream ‘foam’ has been proven to actually cause skin irritation…. Seriously!

So we created an alternative, something to look forward to in the morning or evening. We wanted a shaving ritual we would enjoy and HA. has come up with the solution, we made wet shaving accessible and easy for everyone by making it uncomplicated. A shaving bowl you can lather in quickly and effortlessly, a brush that holds the hot water to add to the bowl and a soap that’s actually good for your skin. Our traditional design also makes it a time piece or the finishing touch to your bathroom styling.

Our Mission

We want you to enjoy shaving again, we want you to take the time to yourself and shave. Enjoy the process, the aroma’s and the steam.  Make your morning ritual something you can look forward to, it’s your time and your quiet place to tune out to take care of your skin and your wellness.